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John Kindervag talks to Wolfgang Goerlich, Cisco Advisory CISO about Cisco's Zero Trust approach

Wolf explains how Cisco is positioned to tackle the shift from traditional perimeter-based segmentation to the “connect from anywhere” model of today. Segmentation and access policy enforcement have moved to the edge at the point of connection outside of the organization, to provide maximum insulation from threats
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Cisco Zero Trust in Action: Secure Access Management

Watch a day in the life of a user gaining secure remote access to SaaS and private applications by continuously verifying user and device trust using Cisco zero trust technologies such as Duo and Umbrella.
How Cisco Enables Zero Trust Security

At Cisco, we recognize that zero trust is a mindset, a strategy that forges a path towards better security. One that spans users, devices, networks, and apps, and includes a set of core capabilities and use cases. Hear Cisco’s recommendations for zero trust and see how our solutions establish trust, enforce trust-based access, continuously verify trust-based access, and respond to changes in trust to protect your business.

Cisco Zero Trust in Action: Unified Access Policy & Segmentation at Scale

See how Cisco ISE uses Security Group Tags (SGTs) to establish trust and enforce trust-based access based on user type (employee vs. contractor) and then integrates this with the Secure Workload access policy. Our solution works for applications that are on premises, as well as in the cloud and can be deployed in both agentless and agent-based implementations.

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Cisco powers security resilience, enabling organizations to protect the integrity of their business amid unpredictable threats or change. With capabilities such as phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication, unified network access control, microsegmentation, behavioral monitoring, and more, Cisco simplifies the path to zero trust maturity. Learn more at cisco.com/go/zero-trust.

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