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Executive Overview

ColorTokens' co-founder, Rajesh Khazanchi, shares ColorTokens' mission of enabling organizations to adopt zero trust security in a seamless and progressive manner.
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Build Zero Trust Security Hassle Free

With ColorTokens' cloud-delivered, software-defined Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform, secure critical assets including applications, endpoints, and workloads, and accelerate your journey to hybrid environments and full cloud adoption seamlessly

Micro-Segmentation for Hybrid Environments

See how to reduce attack surfaces and prevent lateral movement with application segmentation and policy management based on the zero trust architecture that is built into ColorTokens' Xshield.

Endpoint hardening using ColorTokens Xprotect

ColorTokens Xprotect utilizes a proactive Zero Trust approach for endpoint protection where only good behavior is allowed, and any deviations from normal behavior are not. Xprotect blocks behavioral attacks using contextual security, and additionally fortify hardware entry points with USB lockdown.

ColorTokens Inc., a leader in proactive cybersecurity solutions that enable organizations to become cyber resilient. Through our cloud-delivered, frictionless ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust PlatformTM, ColorTokens enables businesses to leverage real-time visibility, workload protection, endpoint protection, application security, and zero-trust network access—all while seamlessly integrating with existing security tools. Our solutions are designed for modern distributed environments, and drastically reduce operation complexity and cost of ownership

Zero Trust Categories:
Isolation / Segmentation
Cloud Isolation
Visibility & Analytics
Security Analytics