Zero Trust: Platforms

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity approach that requires verifying everything before granting access, rather than trusting anything by default. If you're interested in learning more, watch our analysts' review of the current state of multi-capability Zero Trust platforms and what to expect going forward.

Zero Trust Platforms: Demo Rooms

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Zero Trust Platforms: Vendor Panels

Dr. Chase Cunningham leads a panel discussion with Zero Trust: Platforms experts Crowdstrike, Microsoft and Cisco

Dr. Chase Cunningham leads discussion with experts from iboss, Appgate and Illumio

Zero Trust Platforms: Analyst Briefings

Zero Trust Platforms: Demos
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The Appgate SDP Architecture

Learn about how the Appgate SDP architecture gives organizations ultimate control and flexibility.
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Appgate SDP Platform Risk Engine

Learn about the Appgate SDP Zero Trust platform services risk engine and codeless integrations.
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Metadata and Attribute-Based Access Control

Experience how Appgate SDP uses environment metadata to dynamically create and update policy and entitlements saving you time and effort
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Appgate SDP Admin Console and policy engine

A brief tour of the admin console and the unified policy engine for all users, devices, and resources regardless of location.
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Crowdstrike's Adversary Focused Zero Trust

This solution focuses on lateral movement and breach regardless of location or cloud/hybrid environment to visualize, mitigate, and optimize your security posture and protect your assets
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Demo: Zero Trust with Microsoft Azure AD

Take steps to secure your enterprise while offering your users a better experience. Integrate and protect while achieving a better security posture without sacrificing usability.
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Demo: Zero Trust with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Today's diversity of devices creates a massive attack surface area, requiring a strong device compliance posture for secure remote access. If you use Microsoft 365 E3, you already own the technologies for a Zero Trust foundation.
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Demo: Zero Trust with Microsoft Cloud App Security

The digital revolution and remote work mean that no two sessions look the same. Learn how to protect your apps and workloads with Microsoft's security stack.
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Simplify achieving Zero Trust with micro-segmentation from Illumio

Traffic flows in the data center can be hugely complex and so creating security rules for that is equally complex. See how to simplify the process to save time and money in achieving Zero Trust.
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Network Detection & Response made easy

Utilize VMware's NSX Firewall to enable robust Network Detection & Response throughout your organization
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Mobile Threat Defense with VMware's Workspace ONE

Better secure mobile devices and better protect your company resources utilizing VMware's Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense
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VMware enables Secure Access Service Edge

The evolution of VMware's SD-WAN Technology allows organizations to conduct SASE at scale effortlessly
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VMware enables Zero Trust Network Access

Provide secure access to applications and company resources that enable you to provide an "anywhere workspace"
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Find your adversaries with VMware Contexa

A look at how VMware Contexa utilizes your existing tools and enriched signal intelligence to expose adversarial conversations going on in and from your environment
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The mobile risk matrix

Dan Benjamin
Co-Founder and CEO, Dig Security
Dig Security’s powerful and comprehensive platform is the only solution combining DSPM and DDR to provide data risk visibility in real time to locate, classify, and prioritize data risk in multiple public cloud environments.
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PLAY NOW Cisco Zero Trust in Action: Unified Access Policy & Segmentation at Scale

See how Cisco ISE uses Security Group Tags (SGTs) to establish trust and enforce trust-based access based on user type (employee vs. contractor) and then integrates this with the Secure Workload access policy. Our solution works for applications that are on premises, as well as in the cloud and can be deployed in both agentless and agent-based implementations.
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Cisco Zero Trust in Action: Secure Access Management

Watch a day in the life of a user gaining secure remote access to SaaS and private applications by continuously verifying user and device trust using Cisco zero trust technologies such as Duo and Umbrella
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