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Automated Actionable Threat Intelligence Using Analyst1

Analyst1 provides a centralized location to collect and analyze evidence of malicious activity and manage indicators. We maintain traceability between evidence, indicators, rules and sensors to identify why a rule was created, the type of activity it detects, and what sensors are tasked.
Cisco Zero Trust in Action: Secure Access Management

Watch a day in the life of a user gaining secure remote access to SaaS and private applications by continuously verifying user and device trust using Cisco zero trust technologies such as Duo and Umbrella.
Protect from Endpoints to Everywhere

Cybereason XDR extends your security detection and response capabilities to wherever the battle is waged. Prevent ransomware, detect stolen identities, and take predictive response actions with an extensible platform built to optimize security operations.
Using Threat Intelligence to mitigate Digital Risks

In today's complex environment with enterprises being under constant cyberattack it's impertinent to get visibility into what's happening beyond your perimeter. This session will give you a brief insight on the importance of Threat Intelligence in Protecting your attack surface and your digital assets from threats.
Edgescan ASM

Edgescan delivers external Attack Surface Management (ASM) which provides you the ability to see all services exposed to the public internet across your global estate. As new systems are deployed, decommissioned or a system changes, Edgescan can inform you of the event.
Deeper Visibility, Faster Threat Detection

Detect and respond faster to threats. Eliminate blind spots with continuous cyber terrain mapping. Perform deep session inspection, extraction, and analysis in real-time and retrospectively of all network traffic - including encrypted traffic.
Anti-Threat Intelligence

GreyNoise provides context on IP addresses that scan the internet, to help SOC teams with three use cases: - reduce noisy alerts - find compromised devices - identify CVEs being actively exploited in the wild.
Hunters Open XDR

Hunters XDR is a purpose-built, turn-key security data and analytics platform, providing cloud-scale access to telemetry sources across the entire attack surface coupled with automated event prioritization, correlation and investigation. Fortune1000 companies choose Hunters as a SIEM alternative.
Fully Autonomous Threat Hunting

Kognos is built around it's unique Attack-Tracing AI that's imbibed with security domain knowledge to hunt down attacker's activity by constantly predicting next steps based on observed activity and asking additional exploratory questions to trace down attacker’s every step.

LMNTRIX XDR natively unifies Machine and Underground Intelligence, NGAV, EDR, NDR, UEBA and Deception Everywhere with completely automated attack validation, investigation, containment and remediation on a single, intuitive platform.
AI-powered Automation for Detection/Response

Watch a demonstration of how security teams can do alert triage, threat hunting, incident response better, more cost effectively, more efficiently, and more consistently, by applying AI & Automation.
Reduce Cyber Exposure & Attack Surface Risk

A live demo of NopSec's Unified VRM, end-to-end platform provides cyber defenders with a means to discover, prioritize, remediate, simulate, and report on cyber exposures.
Data, Human Behaviour and Time

Panther enables teams to focus less on ops and more on building great security by leveraging detections-as-code to customize alerts and transform unstructured security logs into a robust security data lake.
Simple, Seamless, & Secure Access to Enterprise Infrastructure Using Procyon

See how Procyon enables developers and security teams to work without worrying about credential theft.
Tracing and Intercepting Attacks

Spyderbat's Attack Tracing and Intercept (ATI) radically compresses alert triage and investigations with an interactive trace of all causally related activity. ATI suppresses false positives and exposes every action of a threat.
Stamus Network Detection and Response

In this video we introduce Stamus Networks, explain where the Stamus Network Detection and Response solution fits into the XDR ecosystem and then demonstrate the solution using two real world use cases.
Data-driven Security Operations with ThreatQ

Chris Jacob discusses the automation of threat intelligence and where it plays a role for different organizations.
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